Hand Sanitizers

Keep Your Workplace Safe Against Bacteria

Opera Product’s wide range of alcohol based hand sanitizers helps maintain a high level of hand hygiene and office sanitation

Hand sanitizer serves as an effective alternative to hand soaps and bars that are used to disinfect hands. The CDC and FDA both recommend alcohol-based hand sanitizers as a way to effectively eradicate microorganisms.

In offices, factories or any common workplace, hand sanitizers are particularly useful in maintaining the high level of hygiene required, especially when the regular practice of hand washing is not convenient and can disrupt the workflow.

Given the latest eruption of COVID-19, the demand for hand sanitizers is expected to grow exponentially. Places such as restaurants, schools, hospitals, retail stores, supermarkets and airports are going to include hand sanitizers as part of their measures to stop the spread of any disease.

Having recognized the growing need for certified, high quality hand sanitizers, we have increased our supply for hand sanitizers significantly to cope with the demand.

We are able to offer hand sanitizers in different bottle sizes in large quantities, from a 30ml pocket-friendly bottle to a 5 gallon industrial bucket.

If your organization is in need of hand hygiene solutions, we can help.

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Based on Boston, MA, we have been focusing on serving American customers since day one. Our customers include large corporations, hospitals and nursing homes.

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Working closely with our partners to combine orders and through optimal supply chain management, we are able to source quality products with affordable pricing.

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Great products need even greater customer support. Our dedicated After-Sale Service Team is always ready to assist customers when needed.



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