About Us

Opera Products is part of Rubicon Ventures Group which includes Nimbus9, an award-winning smartphone case brand. Founded in 2014 in a small kiosk in Boston, Rubicon Ventures Group has grown exponentially via Nimbus9 and became a major smartphone accessory manufacturer with stock available in carrier stores, Walmart, Best Buy and many other retailers.

Building on this success, Opera Products was born to serve the increasing need for genuine, certified medical products. Capitalizing on our exiting supply chain infrastructure, we are able to source medical supplies directly from manufacturers and offer affordable prices to our customers.   

The Opera Products Team

Continuous innovation and aiming for excellence in distributing medical supplies have always been at the heart of our operation ever since we started out in this business.

Without a doubt, there is an increasingly complex scenario we are facing in terms of global medical supply needs, especially with the recent outbreaks and epidemics such as SARS, MERS and COVID-19.

We find ourselves working with much wider audiences, from traditional healthcare providers like hospitals, medical centers to growing segments of nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and even individual consumers.

At Opera Products, we pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service regardless of whom we serve. It is at the very core of our company culture, how we work, operate and thrive in this industry.

Please have a look at our Product Portfolio and Contact Us if you have an enquiry, we will be more than happy to assist.



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