Iceland has the highest level of COVID-19 case density

As of today, Iceland is the country with the highest level of COVID-19 infection density, with over 3,600 cases per 1 million people.

However, it’s worth noting that the country has a tiny population of just over 364,000 people. Therefore the number is a little bit skewed, but definitely still significant.

The same also applies to Luxembourg which comes in 2nd place, a country of over 800 thousand people.

People living in Switzerland might be a little bit worried as the country has the highest density level of cases for countries with more than 1 million people.

Below was the data which our team pulled out from the Google Coronavirus Map today April 2, 2020.

It’s undoubtedly noticeable that the majority of the countries on this list come from Europe, where the center of the outbreak currently is.

However, the United Stated, with the population of almost 330 million people, are looking likely to be where the main COVID-19 actions are taking place, given how wide spread the lack of medical equipment and supplies is in the country.

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