COVID-19 Daily Updates – March 21 2020

Six new countries/territories/areas (African Region [2], European Region [1],
Region of the Americas [1], South East Asia Region [1] and Western Pacific
Region [1]) have reported cases of COVID-19.

WHO has updated the case definitions. The full guidance document can be
found here and in Case Definitions below.

WHO regional directors of Europe, the Western Pacific and Africa called for
global solidarity to fight COVID-19. Ensuring international cooperation,
investing in health, and engaging communities are keys to effectively tackle
the pandemic. The full briefing can be found here.

Updated technical guidance on critical preparedness, readiness and response;
advice on the use of masks; infection prevention and control; and laboratory
testing can be found here.

OpenWHO is constantly updating and adding online open courses for COVID19 as a resource for health professionals, decision-makers and the public. As
of 20 March, more than 500 000 learners have already enrolled. COVID-19
resources are hosted on 2 learning channels: one for courses in official WHO
languages here and a second for courses in additional national languages here.

Total (new) cases in last 24 hours
266 073 confirmed (32 000)
11 184 deaths (1344)

Western Pacific Region
94 037 confirmed (688)
3426 deaths (21)

European Region
128 541 confirmed (23 950)
6000 deaths (1 101)

South-East Asia Region
979 confirmed (61)
38 deaths (7)

Eastern Mediterranean Region
22 355 confirmed (1596)
1466 deaths (154)

Region of the Americas
18 877 confirmed (5606)
235 deaths (57)

African Region
572 confirmed (99)
12 deaths (4)

Original Source: World Health Organization